The DevRel Report

A set of Python scripts that gather, enrich, explore, model, and report GitHub data to measure Developer Communities

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A community-centric model to measure Open Source DevRel success

Relying on customer-centric Marketing KPIs is not always the best solution to measure DevRel programs. This project analyzes OpenDistro community, an open source project donated by Amazon Web Services (AWS), providing a set of metrics and a segmentation model capable of quantifying the value of DevRel work within Open Source.

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The Project

Source Code

GitLab project repo and required resources



Video tutorials to get started with the analysis


MSc Thesis

Full master thesis in PDF format


Open Source Tech

Analysis powered by open source technologies

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Ana Jimenez Santamaria

Software Marketer and Data Scientist: I'm an hybrid! Creative, proactive and curious person. Ready to learn new things to overcome new challenges.